Results of the Red C Research IT Business Survey 2018

Our annual IT Decision Makers Survey
in Association with Red C Research

On the 3rd of September, we published our annual state of the nation IT survey in association with Red C Research in the Sunday Business Post Connected Magazine.

In the survey, we spoke to 150 CEOs and company leaders about their view on some key issues facing Irish businesses today. Highlighted below are the key findings, as well as a copy of the full survey. 

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Results of the RED C / Compu b Survey 2017

The RED C Research Survey on Irish Businesses and their IT usages sponsored by Compu b and featured in the Sunday Business Post Connected Magazine was published on Sunday the 3rd of September. Below, we highlight the top line findings from the survey. 

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Lauren Day
10 Technologies Changing How Bricks & Mortar Retail Stores Are Managed


New technologies are being adopted by leading retailers to streamline their physical store operations and to enhance the customer experience and drive sales growth. These technologies often bridge the gap between the physical and online world for the customer and lead to ‘frictionless’ purchasing for the customer. Check out the following selection of exciting technologies to kick-start your retail business and compete in today’s fast-changing retail market.

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Munster ups performance with Apple

Compu b

Topping off the Apple ecosystem are iOS apps accessed by players and coaches on the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and iMac. MyPlayXPlay is used by coaches for in-game analysis, and the ILG Elite Sports Platform by players post-game, when they can download their own clips in their own time. George Murray can see who has watched what to make sure everyone is doing their homework.

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RED C Poll 2016

Compu b & Red C Research

RedC Survey of IT Decision Makers in Ireland, sponsored by Compu b and featured in the Sunday Business Post Connected Magazine.

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