Welcome - Jonathan Healy, Broadcaster Red FM/Newstalk
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Ahead of the launch of iOS 11 an overview of how the new developments and features will benefit your business. 


RED C Research - Ciara Clarke, Associate Director RED C Research

As a precursor the the day ahead, Ciara Clarke will present the results of the 2017 RED C/Compu b Sunday Business Post Survey into 'The State of Technology in the Nation' that surveyed 150 business and technology leaders.



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Technology Financing - John Moran and Joanne Maher, Grenke

"Software and Hardware remain the highest investments for 2018, with security, training and compliance some way down the list...

The lions share of businesses claim that their 2017 technology budget comes out of their own finances. Less than 10% of businesses claim to use on Opex model, though the majority of those asked were unsure." - RED C Poll, 2017 sponsored by Compu b

John Moran, (Branch Manager) and Joanne Maher (Sales Manager) for GRENKE will co-present on the topic of financing technology installations and upgrades to your business. How to stay a head of the curve with proper finance planning and leasing options.


iOS in Action - Gerard Forde, Co-founder, Bizimply.

The remarkable story of how Bizimply, the workforce management platform for hospitality and retail businesses, has grown since 2013 using the Apple ecosystem.


Learning & Development through iOS - Thomas Creighton de Farias, Head of Learning & Development, Compu b

"Over half of Irish companies find it easy to access training and professional development services for their Tech/IT staff. Unsurprisingly companies who invest in training programmes over-index in this regard, with over 7 in 10 finding reporting their staff as having easy access. Around 6 in 10 ‘business services’ companies invest in IT and technology staff." - RED C Poll, 2017 sponsored by Compu b

An insight into how Compu b use technology for delivering internal training & development. 


Panel Discussion chaired by Jonathan Healy from Cork RedFM Red Business. 


Challenges facing your business today





Understanding GDPR - Quinton O'Reilly, Freelance Journalist & Sunday Business Post contributor

Dispelling the Myths: what you need to know. 

Much talk has been around GDPR coming into effect in May 2018, but what if you haven't started the process yet because you don't know where to start?

The good news is you still have time but it's important you start sooner rather than later as there's no quick fix for it. The talk will look at the purposes of GDPR and understanding why it's being introduced. As well as that, we will look at how you figure out where the data in your company is located so you can start the process of becoming compliant.



Securing your mobile devices -  Richard Mallion Systems Engineer, Datajar

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

"The majority of companies use infrastructure services such as servers, network etc. while a much lower proportion, just over 1 in 4 have security services. Video calls services are implemented by about a third of businesses." - RED C Poll, 2017 sponsored by Compu b

From the results of this year's Red C poll, we learned that only 17% of Irish companies surveyed use or have ever used an MDM system. Richard Mallion from dataJAR will discuss the long term benefits for using device management for both your IT team and your employees. 


Panel Discussion chaired by Jonathan Healy from Cork RedFM Red Business. 


Using Apple technology for security and data protection




Apps for your Business - Dermot Daly, Tapadoo

Dermot will talk a little about the various ways in which an app can help your business, and will showcase some of their client work and the business benefits they’ve enjoyed as a result of having Apps in their product/service offerings.


Keynote Address - Apple Making the Difference for Munster Rugby, George Murray, Head Perfomance Analyst

"The club has a High Performance Centre in the grounds of the University of Limerick, a state-of-the-art three-storey facility that includes gyms, video rooms, a lecture theatre and a Performance Analysis Centre built around Apple technology. Six iPads, 16 iMacs and Apple TVs for streaming video to different-sized monitors and screens, are in constant use by squad players, academy players, coaching staff and the three performance analysts." 

George Murray will explain how small margins make all the difference in professional rugby and how  video analysis plays an integral role in on field success. 


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